My HD Career Success platform is a membership based platform that provides access to a diverse range of career coaching resources from courses, guides and tutorials. To varied levels of support depending on the membership level you choose. A birds eye view of features include: 

  • Full access to My HD Career content
    • 20+ Courses and 3 Structured Course Tracks
    • Guides
    • Tutorials
  • Group coaching perks
    • Live Q/A’s, recorded and cataloged in the Library

Membership model

Memberships are month to month, include critical support tools and resources you can use to accelerate your path to happy + work. There are three levels to choose from: 

  • Explore – a content only membership
  • Grow – a content + Live Q&A’s membership
  • Evolve –  Hourly 1-2-1 coaching with an expert

Do you need services now?

I am happily still taking 1-2-1 appointments for career consulting. So if you are in need of: 

(1) A career change and want help sussing it out. (2) Or on the job coaching and want help solving work problems that ail you. (3) Or are searching for ways to grow your brand and prepare for a promotion. (4) Or even actively searching for a job and could use some job search support, including help with developing resumes, finding jobs that fit, preparing for interviews.

Then you are in the right place. I always offer a free 30-minute initial consultation so I can determine if I can indeed help and if so, provide you with a quote for services. 

To get started click the button below and I will get back to you in a jiffy.

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With over a decade of experience as a coach, advocate, adviser and connector, I spend my career helping working professionals from GED to PhD find their version of Work + Happy. It is my mission to improve access and provide support to working adults searching for the career that fits. 

I started HD Career Consulting LLC and created a career success platform called because we all deserve access to the resources and support that help us define our version of Work + Happy efficiently and effectively.

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P.S. There will also be some occasional free advice. 

Lots of care,

Bree DeForest, Chief Career Consultant & Founder

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Get a quote

Hi! Making career decisions can be exhausting I offer a 30-minute, free consultation. 

I can help reduce your time solving career quandaries so that you can find Work + Happy  faster. 

To get started, fill out this form. I will be in contact with more information; including an intake form for you to complete. I need this information to best answer your questions. Once that form is received, I will set up an initial consultation.  

Sweet! We look forward to sharing.

The My HD Career Success Platform is currently under development.  If you are interested hop, on our list. We will send updates as they arise! 

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